A couple of years ago, my friend, Zack Harrison, started buying old cameras and turning them into BEAUTIFUL lamps.

He would look at Facebook Market, antique stores, and thrift shops to find the perfect one. He has always been a tinkerer and an incredible creative. Soon, he teamed up with Retrophile to create these beautiful pieces. Retrophile started with a man named Joe Snyder who took old radios and made them Bluetooth compatible. Together they restored some pretty incredible things.

Over the years, they’ve started new projects and have had to close down shop. Here are a few of the lamps created:


Thanksgiving Flops

As we all know, this past week was dedicated to eating ungodly amounts of food while posting about how thankful we are for our loved ones on all of our social media platforms. (Me included.)

I’ve been trying to master a Sweet Potato Casserole all week long. I’ve literally made it 3 times this week.

This is how it’s SUPPOSED to be made:


  • 3 C Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 C Melted Butter
  • 1 t Vanilla
  • 1/2 C Granulated Sugar
  • 1/4 C Pet Milk (Sweet Condensed Milk)


  • 1 C Brown Sugar
  • 1 C Chopped Pecans
  • 1/2 C Flour
  • 1/2 C Melted Butter

It took me THREE TIMES not to mess it up.

I’m not like a professional chef or anything, but I’m a pretty dang good baker, so I’ve been a little butt-hurt about my results.

Day 1: House on South Friendsgiving

So. It started out great. I’m super excited because I’m a senior this year, so that means I have to bring something GOOD. I’m one of the oldest people that attend College City (student wise) and I’m like all grown and have a house, so that means I have my cooking skills all together. FALSE.

I put the filling together and it was super soupy. I FaceTimed my mom just to make sure. She said it was fine, but it most definitely was not fine.

I go to look at the recipe and I realize I put an ENTIRE can of Pet Milk in it, when all I needed was 1/4 cup.

So my mom tells me to broil the top to evaporate some of the milk and maybe cook the top better. She told me to not move away because it will burn super fast.

I moved away.

So, as you may guess, I burned the top.

No worries though because I was already running late, so I just scrapped the top off.

Apparently, it still tasted alright according to my very kind friends.

Day 2: Thanksgiving Day

This go around I’m home and my mom is watching me. Everything is going great until I try to melt the butter.

My microwave takes 2 minutes to microwave 2 sticks of butter.

Her’s takes about 1 minute. We found this out when it EXPLODED.

So like not a big deal (sorry no pics of the disaster).

Everything else went fine. Tasted pretty dang good!

Day 3: Kemp Thanksgiving

Today was the day. The winning day. Everything went well. Nothing burned. Nothing combusted. It tastes AMAZING. All is right in the world.

Those were my Thanksgiving Flops.

Not All Flowers Should Be Pressed

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One of my previous posts was about the homemade flower presser I bought at a downtown fair in Texas. It was super cute and I wanted to try it out as soon as possible.

I work at a florist and sometimes my boss will send me home with flowers that are looking like they’re on their last limb. What you see pictured above is a gerber daisy, two zinnias and some eucalyptus.

Here’s the thing: Drying really thick flowers never goes well. The petals are significantly thinner than their center and they just fall to pieces. If you hang them upside down, they just shrivel up. I decided to try to press them with a bit more weight to see if MAYBE that would work.

Heck no.

I’m pretty sure what you’re seeing is three moldy flowers with some nicely dried eucalyptus.

This just proves, drying thin flowers is the way to go! One of the exceptions is roses. Their petals are much larger than their centers.

I guess if you’re wondering whether or not a flower will dry pretty, look at the petal to center ratio. Always choose the one with bigger petals. ALWAYS.

Interior and Apparel Construction I @ UCA

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So I’m a senior in Marketing and I’m to the point where all I need is hours. I’ve taken all the bearable electives in Marketing and Management, so I decided to venture outside of the COB. I really wanted to take a fairly easy class that I could actually enjoy (I know, I was asking a lot), and someone told me about a sewing class. Perfect.

So far, we’ve made a window treatment, a throw, and a pillow. It’s only one day a week for 3 hours and it is honestly so much fun. Best Part: You get to keep what you make. The classroom is an interesting environment. There’s a lot of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over each other’s fabric, but there’s also a lot of cursing. It’s a very stressful craft.

Sewing is trade that seems to be dying out, but I think it is so important to know! Also, if you need a button sewed back on your shirt, I’m your girl.

DIY Halloween

Halloween 2018

Unfortunately, Spooky Season has come to an end.

This Halloween was a little different than normal. Usually, a group of my friends would plan MONTHS in advanced to come up with an award winning costume. This year, Halloween was pretty lowkey. Maybe I’m getting old.


I probably haven’t had a store bought Halloween Costume since middle school, so each year I have a ton of fun trying to come up with an incredible costume on a budget.

Every year, College City throws a costume party and everyone gets SUPER competitive. I’m talking you don’t tell ANYONE what your group is going to do or you basically ruin Halloween. It’s great. Like I said, this year was super fun, but everyone seemed to be a little less pumped. I’m gonna blame it on the rain and the fact that it was in the middle of the week.

This year, my friend Anna and I dressed up as trophies. To you that might sound super lame, but LET IT BE KNOWN, your girl gets ragged on daily for having a voice that carries a miles distance. If you’re reading this in class, know that I spare your eardrums. Anyways, I thought I’d have some fun with my personal torment and make a costume out of it! It was actually super fun.

You should never have to buy a full blown costume from Party City. I suggest trying:

  • Salvation Army
  • Goodwill
  • A Friend’s Closet
  • Your Own Closet
  • Local Thrift Stores

Below are some of my all time fav Halloween Costumes! 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

I’m the panicked blur in the back

Silverware Wind Chimes

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Whenever I hear wind chimes, I always think of my Nana. Whenever I would stay with her and my Pawpaw, you could always hear the wind singing a song.

Since she’s passed, I’ve collected a few of my own. Last spring, a group of my friends went up to Mountain View to visit one of our friend’s home town. We happened to go during a festival at the square, so there were tents everywhere with handcrafted creations. One lady had coat hangers full of wind chimes made out of kitchen appliances. There were tea kettles and whisks. The whole shabang.

I thought this was the most beautiful (reasonably priced) set she had! They now hang on the corner of my front porch. It don’t necessarily have a set of beautiful sounds like a standard wind chime, but it’s special just the same. I’m a firm believer in shopping local crafted goods.

Recycled Goods Are Cool.

Texas Find: Flower Presser

For fall break, me and 20 other people drove 6 hours to Flower Mound, TX to where one of our friends grew up. His family fed us SO much food and made sure we experienced the Texan way of life. We spent the past 3 days two stepping at Billy Bobs and listening to some pretty good music.

On the last full day, we went to eat at Babe’s in Roanoke (it’s a tradition) and walked down the streets during their Downtown Festival. I found this nifty contraption in The Indian Oak’s tent. My friend pointed it out to me, because like I said, if you know me you KNOW I love flowers.

I thought it was the coolest thing! It’s a flower presser made out of cut wood, cardboard and tension screws. It only takes 2-4 weeks to dry depending on how thick the flower is.

Indian Oaks is a wife and husband duo. The husband does the cutting and wood burning and the wife creates the designs. They make anything from journals to T-shirt’s. They combine their resourcefulness and creativity to make beautiful things such as this!